Did you know that an unclean kitchen exhaust can slowly pollute your air indoors? The debris and pathogen inside a kitchen exhaust can emit toxic germs, fumes, and bad odours, which can be detrimental to your well-being in the long run. In the short run, this combination can make it very uncomfortable – and sometimes downright disgusting – to work in your kitchen.

So, whether it’s a home kitchen or a commercial kitchen, be sure to hire experienced kitchen exhaust cleaners to make your kitchen safe to use. But, how do you hire a kitchen exhaust cleaning company? In this article, we share a few questions you should always ask before you select a kitchen exhaust cleaning service provider. Let’s dive right in.

1. What type of kitchens do you have experience cleaning for? 

Commercial and residential kitchen exhausts have different cleaning needs. This question will tell you whether the cleaning company has worked on your type of property before.

2. Have you served a client similar to me in the past? 

This question will help you distill the previous question further by finding out how many other clients with similar needs as yours, the company has worked with. The higher the number, the better equipped they are to serve you.

3. How long have you been in this business? 

You will be able to know how experienced a cleaning company is and whether you can trust them for quality service or not.

4. Are you licensed to provide this service? 

While a license isn’t necessary to clean kitchen exhausts, there are specialized certification programs for residential and commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning. It helps if the cleaning company hires licensed and certified experts since they know what they’re doing.

5. Are you aware of Winnipeg’s safety codes?

Each location in Canada has its own safety codes. You need to find out if the kitchen exhaust cleaning company is informed about these safety codes and knows how to implement them.

6. What cleaning agents do you use and are they safe and sustainable? 

The type of cleaning agents the company uses can have an adverse effect on your health and your environment if they’re not medically safe and eco-friendly. It’s important to find out what agents are used and to ask them to replace any what you don’t want to use in your kitchen exhaust.

7. How long does the kitchen exhaust cleaning take? 

This will tell you how to plan your day, and if you’re a commercial kitchen, if you should close your doors for the duration of the cleaning.

8. Does your company have business insurance? 

Business insurance can protect you and indemnify you against any losses/damages that may occur during the kitchen exhaust cleaning. The company you hire should have adequate business insurance.

9. How do you select which cleaners work on our kitchen exhaust? 

This is very important since you can find out how cleaners are vetted and hired to do the job. Plus, you’ll know what type of people may be on your property for the cleaning.

10. What sanitation and safety protocols and cleaning quality standards do you follow on the job? 

These include any industry-benchmarked or country-mandated sanitation and safety protocols designed to ensure that the staff do a good job and leave the kitchen exhaust cleaner and safer than they found it first.

11. Do you offer service promises? 

This includes things like money-back guarantees, discounts, refunds for non-completion of work, etc. Asking about them can help you avail of any benefits which the company is offering, but is not expressly advertising.

12. Can you share references of previous clients? 

References help you reach out to older clients and find out what they felt about the kitchen exhaust cleaning by that particular company.

13. Do you give a cleaning report after the kitchen exhaust cleaning is complete? 

Getting a cleaning report is a must since it gives you an idea about how compliant you are with your region’s sanitation and safety codes. You can also submit this report for review to the authorities if needed.

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