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    Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Experts in Winnipeg

    Hoods Kitchen Exhaust is a Winnipeg company that is dedicated to cleaning and degreasing restaurants’ kitchen hood and appliances. Regular commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning can keep your kitchen looking good and most importantly, make it a healthy and hygienic place to prepare your favourite food for your customers without any risk of contaminants. 


    Your kitchen exhaust and all the appliances that are vital for your restaurant’s kitchen to operate in the way that you want it to, need to be cleaned from time to time.

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    Our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

    Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Systems

    Hoods Exhaust inspects and cleans a variety of hood and exhaust systems in different size kitchens using brand leading products alongside modern German engineered machines to ensure nothing but the best results in your kitchen.

    Kitchen Appliances

    Hoods Exhaust offers degreasing, cleaning, and polishing for all kitchen appliances from deep fryers to griddlers to charbroilers to burners etc. Using safe, tough, and efficient products to achieve ``like new`` results.

    Back Walls & Floors

    We clean, scrub, and polish your stainless steel back walls from top to bottom, clean the floor that's hidden by appliances and degrease all gas pipes to ensure your kitchen has an environment like it did the first day.

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    Why choose Hoods Kitchen Exhaust? 

    PAC Certification

    Your kitchen’s appliances and exhaust system can be cleaned in a safe and risk-free manner by those who are trained and certified by The Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning School curriculum. All of Hoods Kitchen Exhaust’s professional cleaners are PAC-certified. So, when you hire us to cater to your restaurant’s kitchen cleaning requirements, you can count on us to do the job adhering to all appropriate safety standards.


    Winnipeg Fire Department License

    We are 100% certified and licensed with the City of Winnipeg. All our service employees are licensed through the Winnipeg Fire Department to ensure we are up to date with all local bylaws.


    Extend the lifespan of your kitchen exhaust 

    A kitchen exhaust system that’s not cleaned and maintained regularly can pose significant risks to your restaurant, its staff members, and, of course, the customers. Through our kitchen exhaust cleaning services, you can extend your kitchen exhaust’s life and keep it safe from fire hazards. 


    Keep appliances clean and degreased

    Every time you use the appliances in your restaurant’s kitchen to prepare food for your customers, you should ensure that the appliances are clean. While there will obviously be a build-up of oil and grease in a commercial kitchen, too much of it is not healthy. By hiring us, you can keep all your kitchen appliances free of contaminants that can potentially affect your customers’ stomachs and subsequently, your business. 

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