Cooking equipment is one of the major contributors to fires in restaurants and other food establishments. A filthy kitchen hood and exhaust system will play a great role in the spread of fire in such establishments. This can potentially result in huge injuries, losses, and fatalities.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system are critical to enhancing the life of your kitchen equipment and protecting the kitchen from fires.

Accessories for cleaning your kitchen exhaust

Cleaning your kitchen hood and exhaust is a filthy and tiresome job, but a necessary one. You can use some of the most commonly used accessories by professionals to make the work easier for you. Some of these accessories include:

Duct spinner

This is an important cleaning accessory used by professionals. They have self-rotating heads designed specially to wash industrial kitchen exhaust vent hoods and ducts. The unit has a sturdy outer cage for protection, and it needs very little maintenance. Since it offers an excellent 360° spray, you can make sure that every corner of the duct and kitchen exhaust is cleaned. They are available in two sizes, with adjustable or fixed arms. You can also order them with different spray angles.

High-pressure hose

One of the key steps in cleaning an industrial kitchen exhaust system is pressure washing. By employing a good-quality high-pressure hose, you can maximize the capability of the power washing appliance you are using. The quality of the hose is influenced by various factors like valves, fittings, and inner core materials. The hose should also have several layers of reinforcement made of highly malleable steel wires.


This equipment is used while pressure washing to reach inaccessible spaces as well as to spray at different angles. Investing in a lance that has several beneficial features like an easily connectible inlet plug, a superior quick coupler, and hardened steel will greatly improve your kitchen exhaust cleaning process.

Plastic sheeting

Cleaning the kitchen hood system is important. But it is also important to keep the other kitchen surfaces protected from dirt while the cleaning is in progress. Otherwise, dirt can fall onto other surfaces and appliances in the kitchen, and this can increase your cleaning workload. Plastic sheeting can be used to safeguard the surfaces you are not planning to clean actively. It can also be used to safeguard electronic equipment in the kitchen located in the vicinity of the hood, like printers and monitors.


Plastic sheets do protect the kitchen surfaces while cleaning, but it is quite difficult to keep them where you want them. It is near impossible to get the job done with suction cups, clamps, and duct tape. This issue can be avoided by using super strong magnets. GripLoc magnets, stronger than normal magnets by 200 times, will allow you to securely and easily drape the plastic sheeting. You can use them in pairs on non-metallic surfaces.

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