How can I maintain my kitchen exhaust system between professional cleanings?

You can maintain your kitchen exhaust system between professional cleanings by regularly cleaning the hood, filters, and grease traps, monitoring for signs of grease buildup, and ensuring proper ventilation during cooking.

Is kitchen exhaust cleaning required by law or regulations?

In many jurisdictions, kitchen exhaust cleaning is required by law to prevent fire hazards and ensure public safety. Commercial kitchens are often required to have regular exhaust system cleanings as per local regulations.

What are the signs that indicate my kitchen exhaust system needs cleaning?

Signs that indicate your kitchen exhaust system needs cleaning include visible grease buildup, odors in the kitchen, reduced airflow, and excessive smoke during cooking.

How long does a kitchen exhaust cleaning service take?

The duration of a kitchen exhaust cleaning service depends on the size of the system and the level of cleaning required.

Why is kitchen exhaust cleaning important?

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is important because it helps prevent grease buildup, which can pose a fire hazard. It also improves indoor air quality and ensures that your kitchen exhaust system functions efficiently

Why is my kitchen smokey?

The smoke in your kitchen may be due to a problem with your exhaust fan not pulling enough air or your filters being clogged with grease. If it’s a filter issue, cleaning them should solve the problem. If it’s the fan, it may require maintenance as regular upkeep is necessary for proper functioning.

Should I request Certificates of Insurance?

It is advisable to request Certificates of Insurance. Ensure to ask for insurance certificates covering General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, and Automobile. In case of damage or injury and the hood cleaning company is not insured, the restaurant owner will be liable for the damages.

Why can't my employees clean the hoods?

Cleaning the hoods requires specialized tools, equipment, and expertise as stated in NFPA 96. The entire exhaust system must be cleaned by properly trained, qualified, and certified individuals or companies.

How often does my system need to be cleaned?

The frequency of system cleaning depends on various factors such as the type of cooking activities and the frequency of system usage. We tailor the cleaning schedule for each location based on individual needs, which may range from monthly, quarterly, to semi-annually.

Do you install range hoods ?

We do not provide installation services for range hoods. Our services focus on cleaning range hoods to ensure they function effectively and maintain a clean and safe kitchen environment.