All chefs and restaurant owners are aware of the important role of kitchen exhaust systems in the business. The kitchen is the busiest area of a restaurant where most of the activity takes place. Kitchen exhausts work non-stop in pulling smoke, heat, and odours away from the cooking stations, making it manageable to work in the space. They also play a huge role in protecting the employees as well as the restaurant facility. Given the importance of their functioning, it is important to carry out kitchen exhaust cleaning from time to time. This is because, over time, the kitchen grease can build up inside the hoods and duct system, making it a safety and fire hazard.


Following are six important things that every business owner should know before undertaking a kitchen exhaust cleaning.


1. What is the importance of professional exhaust system cleaning?


If the exhaust system in your business setup is not maintained, the consequences can be devastating. Besides being a potential fire hazard, the insurance companies can reject your claims if they find that there has been a breach in the safety and health guidelines. Following are some of the benefits of getting kitchen exhaust cleaning done professionally –

· Increases airflow.

· Reduces fire risks and grease-related slips and fall accidents.

· Good for the overall hygiene of the restaurant.

· Helps in the efficient functioning of kitchen systems.

· Quieter exhaust system.

2. What does a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning entail?

When you book for a kitchen exhaust cleaning, the service usually involves the following things.

· Thorough scraping down of the exhaust system.

· Cleaning of the duct pipes and the ducting system.

· Proper cleaning of the fans and other accessories.

· Clean-out of the entire ventilation system.

· Maintenance work on the filter or filter change.

After the service completion, a written document will be provided regarding the cleaning service, which can be used for insurance claims in the future.

3. How often should the commercial exhaust system be cleaned?


The cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system is dependent on the type of establishment and how often the kitchen is used. Kitchens that are used for 6 to 12 hours per day should undertake kitchen cleaning every 6 months. The heavy use kitchens, on the hand use, are used around 12 to 16 hours per day, which is why they should be cleaned more frequently, say every 3 months. The light use kitchens, which are used for only 2 to 6 hours, will be good even if they are cleaned annually.

4. Why should businesses consider hiring a professional cleaning company for the job?


Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a complex job that is done using chemical cleaners and specialized equipment. The trained professionals know which areas to look for when conducting a thorough clean-out. Hiring professional cleaners ensures that the cleaning is done properly and thoroughly.

5. How do the cleaners access the exhaust system for cleaning?


For cleaning the canopy, exhaust, and ducting, the cleaner would need sufficient access to the areas. It is important to ensure that the access panels are distributed throughout the entire exhaust system. They might also require access from the roofing.

6. What to look for in a good kitchen exhaust cleaning company?


When you are choosing a company for getting your kitchen exhaust cleaning done, you need to make sure that they comply with the standards and regulations set in your area. In addition to this, they should also provide a written document after the completion of every service. It would be a good idea to look through the reviews of the company when choosing a company for a professional cleaning service.



Now that you are well aware of the importance of undertaking kitchen exhaust cleaning, you can consider booking a professional service today! If you are looking for well-experienced professionals to clean your kitchen, get in touch with the experts at Hoods Kitchen Exhaust right away.